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Event Center

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Event Coordinator - (989) 330-0884

600 North Shore Drive, Crystal MI, 48888

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  • What dates are available/How can I reserve a date
    Please reach out to us via phone, contact form, or email to inquire about availability, touring and reserving a date!
  • What if there is inclement weather?
    We have plenty of room in the building to have the ceremony in case of rain. We will monitor the weather before your event and if there is a chance of inclement weather we will create a plan as there are several set up options available for an inside ceremony. We also have full back up generators that turn on automatically along with a fully climate controlled building. Outside also has turf so that the ceremony area can be used immediately after the rain without heels or chairs sinking into mud.
  • Decor Guidelines
    We cannot allow any pins in the wall, glitter or open flamed candles and no fireworks We have limited decor available that we will allow use of including flameless candles. Please let us know if you would like to see any decor and we would be happy to show you. We can prep decor on Friday during the rehearsal time, and we open the venue early that morning and will assist in the decorating.
  • Is staff available the day of my event
    Yes, we will have multiple staff onsite and the event coordinator that you will work with from the moment you book the venue. They will help make your day go smooth, but we do encourage the use of a wedding planner if you want assistance leading up to your wedding day. We do offer our own wedding planner at a discounted rate as an add on.
  • What is the capacity/Tables and chairs
    We have capacity for up to 300 guests. We also offer tables and chairs for up to 300 guests. We will set up the tables and chairs based on a previously agreed upon layout. We use the same chairs for the ceremony and reception and our staff will move them so your guests don't have to.
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