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School or Church? Check Out Our Awesome Deals!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Have a two-hour private skating party!

Admission is only $4.00 each. Skate rental is $1.00 if held as a group during weekday daytime hours. If held during evening hours, $4.00 admission and $2.00 skate rental. There must be a minimum of 40 skaters! The rink will be fully staffed and the snack bar will be open for purchases. No outside food or beverages allowed to be brought in.

You get to choose:

* What type of music is played

* What numbers you have (the format of the session)

* If you would like time out for devotions (churches)

* If video games and pool tables are in operation

Inexpensive family entertainment for all ages!

Parents/Grandparents accompanying skating children can spectate free! Children must pay admission whether skating or not.

A fun way to exercise!

(Clean) Inline roller blades welcome!

Call Kaitlen at (989) 330-0891 or (989) 235-4298 to book a party.

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